Do you want to grow your business?

Don't get left behind.

We get quotes for pre-qualified buyers.

Buyers contact you.

Make the sale.

The ROI makes business sense: 

  • Better ROI than hiring new people
  • Nothing new to learn
  • Transparency

What we can't do:

  • We can't fix lazy - we can't do all the work for your sales reps
  • Trends in buying - buyers are smarter than ever, embrace it
  • Bad quoting - slow, disorganized, and unclear quotes won't win deals

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Success Stories / Testimonials

"Nothing new to learn"


Fred B.

Director of Commercial Sales

"I'm frequently approached by people selling new, fancy tools and technologies that are mostly distractions and don't result in leads or sales.  We're very pleased with the experience we've had with Bizve and their team.  We've received great leads and closed deals with nothing new to learn."

"Best relationships"


Annie C.

Fleet Sales Manager

"Bizve has proven to be one of the best relationships we've built and we're seeing more deals because of them."

"Best year ever"


Chuck W.

Fleet & Commercial Sales Rep

"I'm busy so if it doesn't help me achieve my sales quota, I'm not interested.  Bizve has been excellent and I'm on track for my best year ever."

Dealership Pricing


Simple monthly pricing.

Starting at $2,000/mo.


Month-to-month plans.

Multi-month plans.

Stop anytime.

*Better pricing for multi-month plans.


We'll refund your fees if you're not pleased.

(Only applies to multi-month plans).

How It Works (For Dealers)


Qualified buyers

Our business buyers are qualified and ready to buy.  Buyers given Bizve express consent to obtain vehicle pricing on their behalf.

The best opportunities to close deals

We work with qualified business buyers that we pre-screen.  Our screening process ensures buyers are credible and serious so you have the best opportunities at closing deals.

Interact with professionals

We're organized, professional, and treat your team and dealership with the utmost respect.  We also expect the same from our dealer partners.

Increase your exposure to buyers

Work with us to get more exposure to more business buyers.  Most of our business buyers would never find or interact with your dealership without us.

A partnership mentality

Together we can accomplish more. If you believe that delivering an amazing buyer experience is important to growing your dealership's business, we will be aligned and business will flourish.

The nitty-gritty

Blind bidding process

We present your dealership with RFQs as part of a "blind bid" process. Dealerships don't know the quote values of other dealerships and buyer information is anonymous (to preserve their valued privacy).

Save time & avoid unnecessary haggling

If you think your time is valuable, you'll agree that haggling is an inefficient use of time and you can win more business with the time you save. We represent successful businesses and business owners that have better things to do with their time than haggle.

Put your most competitive and transparent quote forward. The top quotes will be shared with the buyer and they select which dealer they will do business with.

Most competitive pricing

To be considered by our buyers, put your most competitive pricing forward.  You need to earn a profit to earn a living and we know this. That said, put forth your most competitive and transparent offer so buyers consider you.

Transparency, honesty, and doing good business

Savvy buyers know that pricing starts with invoice or better, especially when CAP agreements and other OEM agreements are in place. Dealerships make profits in many ways, including OEM volume-based bonuses, so please don't attempt to trick or manipulate buyers. If you operate openly and honestly, we know you'll have great success with Bizve.