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1) Tell us what you need

Complete the simple form (in 3-5 minutes) to let us know the type of vehicle you need. We'll contact you to confirm the details.

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2) We find your vehicle(s)

Using our proprietary technology and relationships, we work with thousands of dealerships to get you the best quotes.

3) We present the best options

We curate the best deals and and present you with the best options (but you can view all quotes if you'd like).  You avoid unnecessary dealer contact and we handle the hard work. 

4) You make the decision

Once you have the information, you decide where and when you want to buy the vehicle. If you need additional assistance, we're here for you.

Buyer Pricing


We split the money we save you. We're aligned with you getting the best deal.


  • Savings = MSRP - your cost.
  • Savings x fee %  = our earnings.
  • Fee % varies by customer .

100% Refundable

We want you to have the best experience possible. If our service is anything short of amazing, let us know—we'll refund  your fees.

Success Stories / Testimonials

"Huge improvement"


Sal B.


Industry: Construction

Fleet size: 11-50

"Simply stated: everyone at our company who was involved in the vehicle purchase process said using Bizve was a huge improvement. Next time we need to find another truck, we're using them. Thank you for doing such an amazing job."

"Immediate ROI"


Phil S.

Chief Financial Officer

Industry: Electrical

Fleet size: 51-100

"Bizve helped streamline our vehicle procurement process and we reduced our procurement time and expense by over 20%. They've done a better job than our fleet management company and we've created operational leverage by working with Bizve.  We're using them for all vehicle purchases going forward."

"Easier than expected"


Edward G.


Industry: Construction

Fleet size: 1-10

"As a smaller company with a hand full of trucks, we realized how distracted we had been in the past once Bizve took over finding vehicles. It was night and day.  We were freed up to focus on our customers, projects, and deadlines and not dealerships. It was really refreshing. The whole process working with Bizve was much easier than expected and we'll continue working with them."

Let's get started - tell us what you need

Complete the form below (in 3-5 minutes) and we'll be in touch to confirm what you need, communicate the next steps and what to expect.  Sounds easy, right?  We designed it that way.

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